The Path of Islam

Allahu Taala has Mercy upon all people on the earth, creating useful things and sending them to everybody, showing them the way to Endless Bliss. He guides to the right path whomever He wishes among those who left the true way and followed the way to kufr (disbelief, denial of the Truth of Islam) and heresy as a result of being deceived by their own nafs (a malignant force in man that is an enemy to Allahu Taala), evil company, books and other media that are harmful, saving them from eternal perdition. Allahu Taala does not bestow this blessing upon those who are cruel and exceed the limits, allowing them to stay on the way of kufr, which they like and desire. In the next world, Allahu Taala will forgive whoever is chosen of those guilty Believers who are to go to Hell, and will admit them to Paradise.

Allahu Taala alone creates every living creature, keeps every being in existence every moment and protects all against fear and horror. Trusting ourselves to the honorable Name of Allahu Taala, that is, expecting help from Him, we begin to write this book. May hamd (praise, gratitude) be to Allahu Taala! Peace and blessings be upon His beloved Prophet Muhammad (alaihi-salam). May all auspicious prayers be on that Supreme Prophet’s Ahl al Bayt (family of Prophet Muhammad alaihi-salam) and on each of his just and devoted Companions (Sahabat al-Kiram). Hamd means believing and saying that Allahu Taala creates and sends all favors. Shukr means using all favors in conformity with Islam. Thousands of valuable books have been written on the beliefs of the Islamic faith and its commands and prohibitions, and many of them have been translated into foreign languages and distributed to every country.