Documents of the Right Word

Upon reading this book of ours, our Iranian brothers will agree with the decision taken by the Shiite scholars, become Sunnî Muslims, and attain happiness. Gratitude be to Allâhu ta’âlâ, next to none of the recent Iranian learners has abandoned the Sunnî way. We observe with gratitude, for instance, that the Persian book Kimyâ-i-Sa’âdat, written by Imâm-i-Ghazâlî, a Sunnî scholar, was reprinted in a most splendid form in Tehran in 1964, and the younger generation in Iran are being informed about the statements made by hundreds of Sunnî scholars, thus being impressed by their superior merits.

The very day Shiites free themselves from the Hurûfîs deceit, realize the way shown by their own scholars, and cooperate with the Sunnîs in spreading Islam over the world, the Wahhabîs will join them, Muslims will be in unity, they will certainly resume their past grandeur and superiority, they will once again shed a light on humanity and guide others to civilization, and thus the whole world will attain happiness. Then all people will know that serving Islam means serving humanity.